Good Lender: Home Loan

You can borrow from 2 to 30 million dollars here. The amount of this non-bank loan is limited only by your ability to repay and the price of the purchased property.

You can borrow money for 12 – 240 months (ie 1 to 20 years). The basic interest rate, non-bank loan approval fee and management fees are negotiated individually with Good Lender.

Non-bank loans and mortgages up to 30 million dollarsmoney

Good Lender Savings Cooperative provides non-bank loans and mortgages to finance the purchase of new housing or various real estate. The loan from the non-banking company Good Lender can range from USD 2,000,000 to USD 30,000,000.

The maximum loan amount depends on the price of the purchased property (which subsequently serves as collateral for this loan).

Good Lender Savings Cooperative will lend you an amount up to a maximum of 50% of the price of the property (taking into account the price of the property in this locality).

Conditions for obtaining a non-bank loan from Good Lender


The main conditions for obtaining a non-bank loan or non-bank mortgage from Good Lender include, in particular, a minimum age of 18 years, the presentation of 2 identity documents (typically identity card, passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, firearms license, ).

It is also necessary to provide an affidavit on the amount of your income or, if applicable, tax returns if you are a self-employed person or an entrepreneur or a receipt from your employer. Last but not least, it is necessary to provide proof of real estate, which will be the subject of financing for this non-bank loan or mortgage.

The loan is then secured by pledging the property (but it is also possible to guarantee another property or even property that is owned by a third party). Alternatively, the loan can be secured by signing a blank bill, or by establishing an irremovable easement and / or otherwise by individual agreement with this non-banking company.

Detailed loan parameters – Good Lender home loan:


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