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One of the most widespread beliefs about car insurance is that the color of the car can influence its price. It seems to be based on the fact that there are psychological studies that argue that the color red can enhance the aggressiveness of the rest of the drivers towards the car in question. For its part, black is considered more difficult to distinguish at night, so he is blamed for a greater chance of an accident.

There are other studies that indicate that black and red cars have a higher accident rate; However, choosing one color or another does not have to affect when saving on car insurance.

Where did the legend come about?


The legend that the color of the car influenced the price of its insurance could arise as a result of the difference between the price of the same car depending on this factor. It is a logical thought to believe that the more expensive a car is paid, the more expensive it will be to insure.

Therefore, since the emergence of the different shades that could be chosen when purchasing a vehicle, it has been thought that these two colors influence to ensure it.

Another factor that could induce this thought is the fact of the “bad” image that the insurance companies acquired. It began to be thought that any variable was analyzed by insurers to maximize the price of vehicle insurance. Therefore, it was thought that the color was also taken into account.

Part of truth

Part of truth

However, there is an existing relationship between the color of a car and road safety. Specifically, the University of Auckland established a percentage about the probability of suffering an accident according to the hue of the cars .

It is dark colors that suffer the most accidents, led by brown ones, which are 70% more likely. On the other hand, black and green cars are 66.7 and 60% more likely, respectively, to suffer an accident. On the contrary, silver and white tones are the safest.

In this way, although there is a certain part of the truth, we understand that insurance takes into account another set of circumstances. Among them, the driver’s age, his gender, the age of the card and the number of accidents suffered previously, but not the color. In fact, the European Automobile Commissioner confirms that most insurance companies do not take into account the color of the car to calculate the final payment amount.

Loan guaranteed by our car

Loan guaranteed by our car

At some point in your life, you may be faced with the need to have an amount of money and do not know how to get it. For this, there is currently the formula to mortgage a car. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking for a car loan is not too widespread in our society. However, it is a trend that is increasingly being implemented.

This credit is to pawn a car without having to deliver it. You can get up to six thousand euros of credit while still having your vehicle. That is, it is about getting a loan by providing your own car as collateral.

Thus, you will not have to have any other person to guarantee you, nor will you be obliged to request a loan from a bank in which your home or any other necessary asset is required as collateral. In addition, you will have the money in 48 hours and a team of professionals will advise you during the process.

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