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If you are lucky enough to have been admitted to the dream studio then you should of course celebrate this duly. Your life will now take a radical turn for the better. Not only do you give your dream career the very best conditions by taking a good education, you will also meet some of the best friends you have ever had at your studio.

And if at the same time you put all the new knowledge on top that you need to fill your head with, then there is definitely something to celebrate. As a new student, the chance that you now have to apply for SU is probably close to 100%. But how does the SU application process really work? Read more about loans when you are at SU

What is SU?

What is SU?

The state’s educational support is a financial aid from the state, which all Danish students are entitled to receive. The SU is primarily based on the so-called clipboard scheme, where the student receives a certain number of clips. All students who receive SU will thus receive 70 months total SU distributed in one clip per student. month.

However, there is no requirement that one should use them all, but that there are enough clips to complete an entire university education. However, there are a few exceptions if you go for an extra-long education that lasts more than the typical five years. In this case, you can even apply for extra SU, in order to handle the cuts purely financially. In addition, there is also another option, and this is the so-called SU loan.

This government loan can be used to supplement your existing SU, which, as you know, is not something you become a millionaire. The SU loan is probably the cheapest loan on the market and can actually be an excellent idea, so you can focus 100% on your study without having to work alongside it.

Here’s how the application process goes


When applying for SU, you will only be able to do this a month before the start of your studies. However, it is of course a requirement that you have officially accepted your new study program. To apply for Su, visit SU’s website and then fill in the online application form with all the correct information.

This is done relatively easily, and after approx. After three weeks of treatment, you will now be ready to receive your SU. However, it may vary slightly when you want to receive your first SU. This depends, to a large extent, on when your new degree has official study start.

You can also save your clips


For example, if should start in the middle of the month, then you will typically receive your SU the following month. But the good news is that once the system is up and running, you don’t actually have to think about the issues anymore. Just like with a salary on a job, your SU will automatically be deposited into your account for the 1st of every month.

Last but not least, it is possible to save clips if you, for example. have a summer job or otherwise come for money. Because even though 70 clips sound like a lot, they can actually amazingly quickly get legs on. So why not save them if at all possible.

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