Are you looking for a roofing loan?

Would you just like to carry out a roof repair or modern energy renovation?

We support you with information on current loan offers that match your credit rating and your project. If a large renovation project is to be financed at particularly low interest rates and in the long term, it starts with offers from 0.75 percent effective annual interest.

Roofing credit – roof renovation

Roofing credit - roof renovation

Loan for roofing is currently not only sought against the background of an urgently required repair measure. It would be much more common for the house owner to refurbish their home in a future-proof way. For some time now, he has been able to count on the support of the state for energy-efficient renovation. Publicly funded loans open up access to the mini interest rate and at the same time to long-term fixed interest rates.

A loan 151 or 152 from Capital Lender would be ideally suited for the low-interest financing of the energy-related renovation. The financing offer could currently be concluded with the goal of energetic roof renovation at an effective annual interest rate of 0.75 percent. The current program offers a period of 10 years for fixed interest rates.

If up to 50,000 USD of roof covering loan are to be repaid in the long term, the loan does not have to be paid off after 10 years. Capital Lenderassures refurbishers offers for follow-up financing up to a total term of 30 years. On top of that, the start of repayment should begin at a different time. A need-based repayment-free start-up period of between 1 and 5 years should be agreed.

Re-roofing – get more credit than repay

Re-roofing - get more credit than repay

Long terms and low interest rates are just one argument for the publicly funded renovation loan for roofing. The possible repayment subsidies could be at least as decisive. With up to 27.5 percent repayment subsidy, more than a quarter of the total investment, the father gives state. (Depending on the energy efficiency achieved). Enjoying the benefits of a new roof and repaying less than what was absorbed is possible in two ways.

As an alternative to the repayment subsidy for every renovator, private builders could choose a subsidy from the 430 program. In this way, up to 30 percent of the total project subsidy would be possible, regardless of the loan amount actually applied for. Interested parties can obtain current information directly from the Capital Lender website. – Because the offer to feed the roofing loan from public funds changes regularly.


Unfortunately, a direct application is not possible for the loan application. The contact person for the publicly funded loan for roof renovation is any commercial bank. The loan application would be made to her. The bank then also takes over the entire loan processing from the timely payment to the acceptance of the repayment. For large projects, it could also be interesting to obtain several loan offers.

Some banks waive part of their commission and offer the loan much cheaper. A drop of bitterness at the end. Experienced do-it-yourselfers won’t necessarily be happy with the Capital Lender loan. Capital Lender only prevents the purchasing of materials and processing everything on its own through numerous regulations. It begins with the energy consultant and ends with the acceptance of the work by a certified specialist.

Loan without land register – cover the roof without a promotional loan

Loan without land register - cover the roof without a promotional loan

Not every builder who is thinking about a new roof is planning an energetic renovation of his house. If only a smaller roof is newly covered, the effort to apply for public promotional loans is hardly worth it. On top of that, most credit institutions are declining if small amounts of credit are to be financed at great expense from public funds. The loan comparison of loans without land register is worthwhile.

Loans for roofing for the garage or just a part of the house can be applied for at low interest and without complications. Financing without a land register also saves the costs and the time required to order a land charge. Building on the consistently good creditworthiness of property owners with older, paid houses, a mortgage loan is not worthwhile. The interest rate without land registry security is usually only marginally higher than with land registry.

This simple credit option is also supported by the fact that no complicated requirements prevent personal contributions. The loan would be approved for roofing without a land register. Even carrying out the work and using the loan for new furniture in the attic would usually be compatible despite the earmarking. The interest rate for suitable loans is currently around 2 percent APR.

House just bought – new roof

House just bought - new roof

Real estate owners can only rely on a good credit rating when the house has already been paid off. Unfortunately, the roof doesn’t care whether the homeowner has just bought the house or the property is paid for. If the roof has to be re-covered, the necessary repairs cannot be postponed to the future. A broken roof destroys every house within a few years.

The roofing loan, despite the difficult credit rating, could come from private donors. In contrast to the bank loan, private investors do not only make decisions based on economic indicators. Understanding the loan request, despite poor creditworthiness, can be hoped for above all by other homeowners. This human component in Astro Finance private loans opens up additional credit opportunities.

Human understanding makes it possible for a roofing loan to be granted privately, even though banks refuse to do so.