You can also borrow a higher amount without a guarantor

Such a grandmother’s country cottage can be a dream come true for romantic living in the middle of nature, but also a source of worries.

Anyone who lives in a house knows that there is a lot of work and investment around him, which is only with the old cottage we have inherited from previous generations? Sometimes it requires expensive reconstruction, new roof or thermal insulation.

But where to take such adjustments?


You can try to break the piggy bank, but you are more likely to have a loan. Due to the high competition you will find many offers when looking for a loan, but also that most lenders will demand a guarantor. And this is sometimes a difficult condition to fulfill. The guarantor is a person who undertakes to pay the remainder of the obligation if the debtor fails to repay the loan. This is quite a responsibility that everyone will think twice.

Another problem is that the guarantor’s creditworthiness is assessed in the same way as the creditworthiness of the borrower, which means that the guarantor must demonstrate the same ability to repay as the applicant. In practice, this means many inconveniences for the applicants, lengthy screening and unnecessary bureaucracy.

But there is also an easier way – a loan without a guarantor

But there is also an easier way - a loan without a guarantor

A loan without a guarantor is more readily available and very fast, given the minimum bureaucracy. See for yourself and apply for a loan from Good Finance as! Good Finance as offers proven non-bank loans with fair interest, which can be handled easily over the Internet.

You will get a loan from this company without a guarantor or the need to prove income. And even a record in the debtors register does not mean an automatic withdrawal from the game.

Did you know that a loan without a guarantor does not automatically mean less favorable credit terms? It is so! Good Finance as offers low interest rates, even lower than for consumer loans in banks or credit cards. A mortgage loan is the best solution when the bank turns your back on you.